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Our cooperation with Link2europe began in 2008. Thanks to this company, we have a chance to work at a cobblestone factory, on the same conditions as the Belgians who work here. Link2europe also provided us with very good accommodation, in terms of the standard, as well as the location – the flat is well equipped and is located in a quiet, tranquil neighbourhood, close to the workplace. The company fully fulfils its payment obligation, money is paid on time – once a week, every Friday, according to the previously agreed rates. Apart from that, the company reimburses us for commuting costs and all holidays are also paid.

A Polish consultant looks after us, who always offers his help and advice in arranging all matters associated with working in Belgium. In case of any work related question, we can always count on his support and help in sorting out all necessary formalities. We are very grateful to him for all his help. We think that Link2europe is a reliable, trustworthy and recommendable company for people, who want to apply for a job in Belgium. We recommend it emphatically.

Kind regards, Krzysztof Różak, Paweł Różak, Grzegorz Baranowski

Hello, I work as a reachtruck/combi operator. Belgium is a good country to live in, due to the quiet everyday life. Friendly majority of the population, high salaries and less living coexistence problems make every subsequent day seem easier. The agencys diligent approach towards the employee is a definite advantage of Link2europe.

Regards, Tomasz

I work as a warehouseman, truck operator. Belgium is a friendly country, in which you can earn good money but the weather could be better. Unfortunately, the climate does not allow it. As far as Link2europe agency is concerned, I do not have any objections. Payments are on time, good communication with coordinators. So far, a 5+ in a 1-5 scale from me.

Regards, Rafał

I, the undersigned, Dawid Sikora, was employed in November 2007 by Link2europe, to work in Belgium. I found about the company on the Internet. I was quickly contacted and received assistance in completing all formalities. Cooperation with the company’s representatives goes without any problems. The contact is quick and personal culture at the highest level. The accommodation organized by the company meets the expectations. Payment are transferred to the account on time. With great satisfaction I can recommend Link2europe as a proven and competent job agency.

Employee, Dawid Sikora

Belgium – international, complicated and you have to wait – youll live there for some time, youll understand. Interesting architecture and nice home gardens. A lot of oldtimers in the streets. Link2europe agency is an employer, which thoroughly informs about employment, accommodation and salary conditions, and the vesting rights. They offer help in a wide variety of situation associated with the stay.


Adrian Roszkowiak

The employer, Link2europe, fulfils all their commitments. The company offers comprehensive help in the scope of administration issues, payments are on time. Accommodation organized by Link2europe is satisfactory. The workplace fully meets my expectations, we are treated as other employees.


Marian Mucha

I am an employee for Link2europe. The company offers an interesting and well paid job in Belgium. The work is in warehouses and involves unloading different goods from containers. By taking a job at Link2europe, I received a chance to work in a dynamically developing company. After my arrival, I was not disappointed with the accommodation conditions offered by the employer. The flat satisfies all sanitary requirements and is fully furnished. There is no problem with access to the kitchen or bathroom. Tenant rotation is also an additional plus. We are a young team of eager learners. Also at the workplace, there is a friendly atmosphere and full integration.

The company does not make a deal out of trips home, moreover, helps organizing them. Our Polish consultant is a reliable and competent person, helping with settling current affairs, such as opening bank accounts, insurances and so on. The company is not in default with compensation, payments are systematically transferred to the accounts. The bank accounts can also be used in Poland. I am considering the option of full cooperation with Link2europe, since it is a very reliable, stable company, which offers all what I expect when working abroad: high salary, good accommodation conditions and the possibility to constantly improve in the carried out work.


Kind regards, Grzegorz Schyra

I worked as a forklift operator/warehouseman. I only spent a few weeks and I lived in Antwerp; a nice city, especially the old market, although a bit crowded. I rate the services of the Link2europe agency as good, cooperation without any problems.


Regards, Michał Drękowski

I currently work as a side loading forklift operator at Jungehainrich. Belgium is a country similar to Poland, I like it. There are many kind people here, respect and great benefits at work. I am very satisfied with the agency’s services, in a scale 1-5, I give 4.5. Organization and commitment to help are excellent, the only downside is too small a wage!!!

K. Makowski

Hello, I worked as a bus mechanic. I liked Belgium because it is an organized and normal country. I rate the services of your company very highly, for reliability, expertise and professionalism, as well as an individual approach to the client.


Regards, Zbigniew Moskwa

Welcome and greetings to Link2europe. In August I used the services of that company, which helped me find a job in Germany as a seamstress; after a trial period I was employed full-time, I left without knowing any German, I learned through the internet and am currently attending a language course. The company did a great job – I got a furnished, two bedroom flat, phone help was always granted without any problems. Do not be afraid and benefit, an agency worth recommending.

Dorota Kowalska

A year ago I worked planting orchids in Holland. A great job, perfectly matched to my requirements. Friendly service in the office, the employees are able to respond and help with every matter.

Sabina Nawrat
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