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We have a wide range of offers. We offer the possibility of permanent work close to the place of accommodation.
Join us! Several jobs available:

TIG/MIG Welder

Workspace: Roeselare

In this company, you will be responsible for welding metal parts of cabinets, compressor’s components, oil and fuel tanks. You will weld sheet metal using the MIG welding method or the metal plates (INOX) using the TIG method (depending on your skills). This is the indoor work. Other tasks include sand-blasting, grinding/buffing the metal components. It is important to know how to read an engineering drawing.


Fabrication Welder

Workplace: Lier

If you can decode PA (1G) or (1F/1G); if you know what horizontal vertical and horizontal overhead position is or 135 and 136, and you know how to use them, choose this offer. Certificate is welcome, but not mandatory. The work is about assembling elements for road tankers and semi-trailers – MIG MAG and tack welding. You will grind and cut metal parts and work on the basis of engineering drawing. In the beginning work will be in a single-shift system from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and after the orientation in a two-shift system – 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., and 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.


MIG/MAG Welder

Workplace: Evergem/Belzele

If you are familiar with MIG MAG welding as well as with cutting, bending and assembling of metal components, this offer is for you. After the painting, the hydraulic and electrical components are mounted on the tools (vehicles). All stages of work, except painting are performed indoor.


136 and 138 Welder

Worksplace: Eeklo

If you are experienced in metal plates welding and are familiar with ISO 9606-1, we offer indoor work on the welding of large size components of steelwork (industrial buildings, bridges, production hall). Certificates are not mandatory, but you need to know 136 and 138 welding methods. Positions: PF, PA, PE and know how to work with an engineering drawing.


Steel Fabrication Welder

Workplace: Zwevegem

If you are a steel-fabricator and you are familiar with the semi-automatic welding, it is usually on the construction site, outdoors. The tasks include assembling of the steelwork as well as glass walls in buildings up to 26 metres high and drilling of the fixing points (anchoring). The work is on the basis of the engineering drawing and under the supervision of the team leader.