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9 January 2020

Hospitals in Belgium: what to expect?

Ending up in a hospital bed while you are abroad can be quite upsetting. It’s better to know in advance where you can go to find […]
31 December 2019

Which types of insurance do you need in Belgium?

Living abroad can be an exciting experience. But what if you fall ill or your car breaks down in the middle of the road? There’s no […]
4 December 2019

What makes a good CV and how to nail a job interview

When it comes to finding a job in Belgium, it’s all about first impressions. You definitely want your resume to stand out and open the door […]
29 October 2019

Getting to Belgium: comparing your transportation options

Finding your way to Belgium is far from a trek through Nepal. But before moving here, it’s important to explore the many roads to the nation […]
18 October 2019
Belgia co zwiedzać, gdzie warto pojechać do belgii, co zobaczyć w belgii, jakie maiasta zwiedzać w belgii

Public holidays and paid leave in Belgium: what, when, and how

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That’s why, as a worker in Belgium, you are entitled to different types of paid leave, […]
7 October 2019

6 things every foreigner should know about Belgians

What’s to know? They eat fries all day long, have beer running through their veins and love to watch cycling on the weekends. Well, there’s more […]
16 September 2019

Shopping in Belgium: where and how much does it cost?

Finding the right budget, mid-range or premium consumer goods can be a full-time job abroad. But not if you have the right inside information! That’s exactly […]
16 September 2019
Koszty utrzymania w belgii

Housing, food and transportation: the cost of living in Belgium

Before moving to a different country, it’s a good idea to take a look at the cost of living there. Getting a sense of how much […]
2 August 2019

Why Belgium is the perfect place for your family

Have you just moved to Belgium? Congrats! You will soon find that it’s an awesome place to live, not merely to work – and that counts […]