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Lernen Sie unsere einzigartige Methode der Personalbeschaffung kennen und erhalten Sie eine Reihe von Hinweisen, die Ihnen dabei helfen, Arbeit zu finden.  (Ratgeber herunterladen) Schließen Sie sich der Gruppe von ausgewählten Personen an und erhalten Sie vorrangig unsere Jobangebote.

Wir haben Mitarbeiter für die Größten beschafft. Wir verfügen über internationale Erfahrung in großen HR-Projekten. Schauen Sie, wie wir Ihnen helfen können, auch in einem Kleinunternehmen ein starkes Team zu bilden.


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Die Meinungen der Mitarbeiter

Hello, I work as a reachtruck/combi operator. Belgium is a good country to live in, due to the quiet everyday life. Friendly majority of the population, high salaries and less living coexistence problems make every subsequent day seem easier. The agencys diligent approach towards the employee is a definite advantage of Link2europe.

Regards, Tomasz

I work as a warehouseman, truck operator. Belgium is a friendly country, in which you can earn good money but the weather could be better. Unfortunately, the climate does not allow it. As far as Link2europe agency is concerned, I do not have any objections. Payments are on time, good communication with coordinators. So far, a 5+ in a 1-5 scale from me.

Regards, Rafał

I, the undersigned, Dawid Sikora, was employed in November 2007 by Link2europe, to work in Belgium. I found about the company on the Internet. I was quickly contacted and received assistance in completing all formalities. Cooperation with the company’s representatives goes without any problems. The contact is quick and personal culture at the highest level. The accommodation organized by the company meets the expectations. Payment are transferred to the account on time. With great satisfaction I can recommend Link2europe as a proven and competent job agency.

Employee, Dawid Sikora

Belgium – international, complicated and you have to wait – youll live there for some time, youll understand. Interesting architecture and nice home gardens. A lot of oldtimers in the streets. Link2europe agency is an employer, which thoroughly informs about employment, accommodation and salary conditions, and the vesting rights. They offer help in a wide variety of situation associated with the stay.

Adrian Roszkowiak

The employer, Link2europe, fulfils all their commitments. The company offers comprehensive help in the scope of administration issues, payments are on time. Accommodation organized by Link2europe is satisfactory. The workplace fully meets my expectations, we are treated as other employees.

Marian Mucha


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