Tax settlement

Did you work abroad and would you like to get help with tax settlement?

Use the services of Europejskie Centrum Rozliczeń [European Settlement Centre].

This company is a team of highly skilled specialists, for whom the essential field of activity is the acquisition of tax overpayment and social benefits (employee benefits) for the work done in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, in a safe, effective, fast and professional manner. They carry out their duties with full professionalism taking care of each aspect related to the refund procedure, and thanks to reliability, scrupulousness, broad knowledge, and continuous improvement of skills, they can boast a good market position, excellent reputation and high quality of the provided services.

Contact details:

Europejskie Centrum Rozliczeń „ECR” [European Settlement Centre]
ul. Kośnego 32/6
45-056 Opole
tel. +48 502 060 952

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