We can solve your employee shortages with quick and effective procedures to select the appropriate candidates for specific positions.

Why Link2Europe?

We have transformed employee recruitment. Our state-of-the-art system has years of worldwide success. Happily, it is now also available in Poland, bringing our clients the competitive advantage of collaboration with a first-rate employment agency.

How it works

We eliminate the stress, and the waste of time and money spent on ineffective recruitment procedures. We turn your employee shortage into an integrated team. We ensure reliability and professionalism, to guarantee you peace of mind. We offer our support and experience at every step of the way. Allowing you to focus on your company’s growth, not unnecessary formalities. Simply notify us of your requirements, and we will handle the laborious recruitment and selection process to acquire the right people.

Who benefits most from working with us?

  • Companies without their own HR department, but needing to recruit for further intense development
  • Companies needing to quickly acquire large numbers of qualified employees
  • Companies wanting to save the time, money and nerves lost to recruitment errors

How we do it

Our team of experienced psychologists and Human Resource Management experts provides your company with the right candidates. We know everything about HR, as our recruitment record of 1650 people proves.

What exactly we do

  • we recruit quickly, even for multiple positions simultaneously
  • we select only candidates with the right professional profile
  • direct search – we reach leaders in unique competences
  • head-hunting – we reach the best employees from among your competitors
  • we review competences, and analyse the potential of your current team
  • we delegate personnel to work abroad, where necessary
  • we have the expertise to take on all your HR processes, if required

What else should you know?

Selection of the right employee is often a laborious, time-consuming and expensive process – carrying out the recruitment procedure on your own does not ensure success. Commissioning us, you only pay for a successful outcome.

Collaboration cut short

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  • Find out what kind of employee you need
  • Decide the recruitment date
  • Employ the right person in time
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